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WLMS Landscaping
Is proud to offer the finest personal Putting Greens and Driving Mats from ALL PRO PUTTING GREENS
All Pro Putting Greens Inc. and it's dealers provide the most dense, highest quality and lowest cost putting greens in the industry.

We have over one thousand installations throughout the United States.  Compare our product to any other and you will know for a fact, we are the industry leader.

The All Pro AdvantageAdvantages At A Glance
All Pro Putting Green's synthetic turf is a professionally manufactured product. Unlike the turf found at a local miniature golf establishment, the turf we make is specifically designed for simulating a natural grass putting surface.

In fact, the installation process of our synthetic turf green is similar to the installation of a real natural grass green. During this process sand is spread across the top of the turf, then brushed in with a broom to get between the turf fibers. Once the sand is in place, it will cause the fibers of the turf to stand straight up or vertical. When you stroke the ball, it will roll on the tips of the fibers making for a true roll to the cup.

The sand also controls the speed of the green. The more sandĚthe faster the green,the less sand the slower the green. When you install your All Pro Putting Green according to both the written and video installation instructions, our greens will register a 9 to 10 on a USGA stimp meter.

While our synthetic greens are designed to have the exact same characteristics of a natural green, there are several differences that give our greens an advantage. On the right is a quick view of why owning an All Pro putting green is a far better solution than having a natural grass green.

How the installation process works